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Multiple recognition languages

Evernote Dutchman


Evernote has done a wonderful job of making text in images and PDFs searchable. It makes capturing and storing non-text input so much more valuable.

The standard option Evernote offers is to recognize texts in English with another language optional. Now, I work with 4 languages permanently with 2 more less frequently and scan documents in those languages. Right now, my account settings cover 2 of the languages in use.



The proposed solution:

  1. Maintain the default setting for language recognition in Evernote, as it will cover for a large group their needs.
  2. For those working wth multiple language, set the additional language either per image/PDF, or extend the general settings to multiple languages.

The good part is Evernote has already the capability to scan many language. Please, make those available to the individual user.

Looking forward to contributing to a solution. 

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