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Add words with "ё" to russian dictionary

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It is very frustrating. In The Russian language, we have two different letters: "е" and "ё".

They are completely different. For now, all words with "ё" being marked as "incorrect" by the Evernote grammar check engine. To avoid it I need to add words with "ё" manually to the user dictionary. But there a lot of them and each word can have different endings, suffixes, etc! It is wrong and annoying.

Can Evernote Team add a support of those words to Evernote Russian language?

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I entirely support the request. There's no norm, excluding "ё" from usage, although in most cases it's now Ok to replace it with "е". I use both spellcheck and "ё" and it's very annoying to see all these correctly spelled words underlined. The problem is quite basic, I guess, at least I've never experienced such problems with other software. I'll be looking for some feedback (I suppose as well as OP). Thanks.

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