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(Archived) Which is better?

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Which is better ...to download the intependent program ...in my case that would be for Windows...or to use the online version? are there any differences I should know about? Or is it just a matter of personal preference?

ETA: Also if you have both can you synch them so when on another computer you can have your notes...is that the idea? sorry I'm a little confused I guess.

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If you can install software on your computer (PC or Mac), you'll probably have a better experience from the local application. Because all of the data is synchronized to your own hard drive, many browsing and searching operations will be faster than waiting for a web server.

But the data on the local PC or Mac client is always synchronized to the service, so you can use it from the web on another computer, or install the client on a second computer to synchronize with the same data in your account.

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