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(Archived) Notebook bug in 1.8.1



I believe this also appears in older versions of Evernote, but I'm not sure.

To reproduce:

1. Open Evernote, close all Evernote windows.

2. Drag file onto the Evernote icon in the Dock (I used PDFs).

3. Open the Evernote window (by clicking on the Dock icon, or it may have opened automatically, depending on your settings).

4. Take that shiny new note of yours (containing the file…PDF) and drag it to a notebook (other than your general one).

You'll notice that you are still viewing All Notebooks, but the highlight has disappeared. Additionally, clicking on All Notebooks does not bring the highlight back.

In order to highlight All Notebooks, you must click on another notebook, then back to All Notebooks.

Not a huge issue, but it gets annoying clicking on All Notebooks only to realize you are already looking at it.

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