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Gig: Evernote Integration Explainer Video

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On 8/17/2016 at 4:28 PM, lindseycholmes said:

Cool. Thanks so much.

Question on the specific tags that need to go in the note. I created a Test List and have tried a couple combinations of tagging. I'm not having any luck with it sending to the contact in that list.

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23 minutes ago, lindseycholmes said:

It should just be the name of your list and the 'send' tag.

I went back and deleted the one I was working with and created a new note with the tags and it finally went through. Now that it seems to be working on my end I'll check it out in more depth and get back to ya. :) Thank you for your quick response on the earlier question.

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Got the sending down and working on a sample newsletter to send out. Testing again and the only thing I'm seeing is that it is sending in triplicate when I sent once and quite a few hours between me tagging with "send" and it coming through. I sent at 1:00 and it's now almost 3:45 my time with it just coming through.

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2 hours ago, lindseycholmes said:

Did you have any syncing Errors with Evernote?

No syncing issues. I made sure to double check connection and all that jazz. Three came through at 3 something and another copy came through at 5 something and I hadn't touched the note. 

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