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Evernote Cannot Install on S7 Edge

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I recently added some more memory to my S7 Edge and incorporated it successfully as internal storage.  I moved several applications to the card, one of them being Evernote.  After I moved it I kept getting error messages from the application.  I decided that moving the install to an sd card probably wasn't ideal I uninstalled in in hopes of reinstalling it on my actual internal storage not on the sd card storage.  

I attempted twice to install the application from Google Play without success.  Each time I received error messages on the install and it failed both times.

Could someone maybe point me in the right direction as to what I need to do to get Evernote back live again?  



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Hello @Fredo_Baggins,

Thank you for posting and welcome to the forums.

While you can move portions over to the SD card on some applications, doing it with Evernote can cause errors. In order to correct this, please open up a file managing application on your device (File Manager or Files on your Samsung S7) and search for Evernote and delete all instances of Evernote or com.evernote on both external and internal storage options. At that point you can attempt to reinstall Evernote through the Google Play Store.

Hope this helps!

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