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Lost Note after Sync

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I spent a couple hours working on something on my iPhone.  Opened my laptop later that day and the note was not up to date.  I hit "sync" on the laptop (which now I see was a mistake), and when opening the note on my phone, it was the older version that existed before my couple hours of work.  The note is showing no conflicting modifications.  Is there any way I can get my work back?  I am not a premium member, so I do not have access to notes history.  

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Hi.  And Ouch.  Sympathies for your data loss.

I don't know whether someone with more iOS knowledge can suggest any specifics,  but when you work on a mobile device the note data is held in temporary memory until it is synced back to the server.  In this case the server has overwritten one version of that note with a 'newer' copy of the old data,  so I don't think you'll be able to get back to it.  The new content probably never got to the server,  so isn't in the history of that note,  and Evernote won't be able to step back to a previous version.  You may want to work on longer notes in a word-processor file saved to local storage before copying and pasting content to Evernote for general access.

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