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Delete storage on Android

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Hello @Eric Leung,

Thank you for posting and welcome to the forums. It could be the cache/data on your Evernote application that could be taking up so much space. This can accumulate over time will the more notes you view on your device (cache memory). If your notes all appear on the Evernote website or in your other applications, you are fine to try clearing the cache/data (found in the Settings app) or simply reinstalling the Evernote application from the Google Play Store.

Hope this helps.

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So Matt you are saying that in settings on Android, if I clear data on my settings under General, I will not loose my notes on one of my notebooks? I do need this notebook to be accessible with or without internet. I have over 2.75 GB and it would nice to get this space back.

I just want to double check , it will also not erase it off my regular computer account?



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