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Perplexed why web clipper is clipping the entire article

Josh Lee


I've clipped the python style guide to evernote to use some of the useful features of the product.  In simplified article clipping mode the top portion and a bottom portion of the article is truncated.   I'm unclear as to how to open a service ticket.  I've had mixed success with the web clipper, I've had other instances of truncation of clipped articles.  

Below this line are the usual user pleas:

Please fix! Will someone please look into this!?! OMG this is so frustrating etc. etc. etc.


Love the product really trying to use it to get my book marks and other "web thoughts" organized, "indexed", and put into a usable form.  Despite whatever hangups I have I'm still trying to make it work.  



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Article and simplified article are both designed to clip blog articles, news articles etc. 
Web Clipper tries to identify the article to ignore the navigation, ads etc. around it. 

For python style guide this doesn't work well as it isn't really an article. 

Workaround: Select "Article" then click "+" button to expand it. Doesn't work in simplified article, though.

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