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(Archived) Mark as favorite on desktop & sync to iphone



I was browsing through the forum and found a couple of posts on this subject but they were old, so I wanted to bring it up again and see what the current thoughts are on this subject.

I like the iphone client (especially the new updates). I rely heavily on saved searched and tagging. I would like the ability either to mark a note as a favorite from the desktop client, or a way to customize the "favorite" area on the iphone app.

Most of the comments I've seen revolve around the idea that a user is able to change his workflow to find notes he needs, but then why have the "favorite" button at all? EN's flexibility is one of the attributes I really appreciate and I would suggest that there are significant advantages to having quick iphone "menu bar access" to the things one uses most often (notes, saved searches, tags). I think that's pretty consistent with the way one has quick access to saved searches, tags, attributes, etc on the sidebar of the desktop version. I really like the idea of marking saved searches as "favorite"...much easier than typing a complex search string or clicking search, advanced search, saved search. I think this would be an excellent enhancement to a fabulous app.

Thanks for the support!

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but then why have the "favorite" button at all?

It's my understanding favorites were implemented to allow users to store notes locally, on the iPhone or iPod Touch. This is useful when iPhone users are in an area with no internet access or (more often) when Touch users don't have WIFI access. However, now that "offline" notebooks have been implemented (for premium users), favorites are probably now only used primarily by non-premium Touch users.

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that evolution makes sense...but I don't think that lessens the argument...one of four primary navigation buttons is pretty prime screen real estate for non-wifi, non-premium touch users. Sounds like that button is ripe for re-purposing! :) What do you think about using the "Favorites" area as a way to quickly access saved searches or important notes? The natural compliment to that functionality would be to modify that on the desktop client as well. Thoughts?

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