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Request: USB sync / local notebooks on Android



Hi folks,

I'm often working without wifi and cloud as I want to keep notebooks private. I use local Evernote notebooks except when I specifically want to share them.

I'd like to sync Macbook and Samsung Note 4 through USB.

I may need a conduit program (Sync-Mate?), but haven't tried yet as phone is new to me). Has anyone out there been syncing Evernote directly between devices?

Thank you!



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Hello @TLCTLC2016,

Thank you for posting and welcome to the forums. The Evernote application found on mobile devices relies on the Evernote servers (Evernote website) to be able to sync across multiple devices. There is not currently a way to import notes into the Evernote application on Android and will not work with external storage options. This would be a great option though.

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You can export and import to another computer. I have done this between Macs, with some success and some problems [like notes disappearing]. Yes it would be a good option for mobile too. Not all of us have fast broadband, so a local sync would be useful.

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