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Formatting of pasted text

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I am pasting in SQL code changes that I make to databases, however I am having an issue with the naming conventions.

In the database, the name of a field may be DATABASE.DBO,TABLE 

When I paste it into Evernote, it become DATABASE. DBO. TABLE.  It adds spaces after all the periods.

Is there a way to set up Evernote to not add the spaces? Thanks






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The additional spaces problem has been reported.  I'd suggest you make sure you're using the latest Evernote version you're comfortable with,  and keep an eye out for release threads for when they get around to a fix...

Meantime do you have access to the 'code block' feature and is this where the problem arises?

Edit: and have you tried pasting to a pure-text editor and then into Evernote to avoid the spaces?

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