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Issue with new version select-multiple-notes feature

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There's an issue with the newest release that's driving me crazy (hope it hasn't already been reported a million times, I haven't sifted through the whole forum). The new "organization" features make it a 2-step process to duplicate or delete (or whatever) a note - instead of just long pressing and getting the list of options, you long press then select the notes, and then you have to choose your organization option from the drop down. Ok, fine, I get it, this allows for selection of multiple notes, though it's a bit clunky.

But - IT DOESNT WORK FROM A LIST OF SEARCH RESULTS! So if I search for a note and then want to duplicate it, I can't do it! I can't select or do anything to notes in the search results. This is *so* frustrating. It has to be a bug, because it makes no sense - used to be possible to long-press a note in a list of search results and do things to it.

Any chance of fixing this?

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