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Sync between Mac and iPad Display mode Spacebar slides scroll



I use the Mac to make my notes. In the Display/presentation mode, there is the way to add "spacers" to identify Cards that will displayed on the screen as a Diaporama and each time we press the "spacebar", it scroll to the next "slide". It works fine, Evernote adapting the slide to the screen. This are only tags. Wen opening the same note on the iPad, it wont work the same :-(

Evernote iPad allows to use AirPlay in Display/Presentation mode, and that's great. Now, imagine : you have an iPad with a real keyboard (in my case an iPad 2 with logitech keyboard Bluetooth, and the new iPad Pro 9.7" with it's own Apple keyboard. Your are sitting at the desk using the presentation you created on your Mac and use the space bar (as on the Mac) to make scroll the slides the same way that on the MAC, and the iPad sends everything on your Apple TV on the screen in the room. That's all I need !!!!!

pleaaaaaaaaaase. I'm a sale representative, one of the oldest Evernote user, I really need this feature. 


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