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  1. You are all right ! Maybe I should have said "paperless and effortless". Evernote has branded the Fujitsu scanner, (or you can buy a Fujitsu...). I'm using a Samsung multifunction printer and scanner. You can scan with the Apple app, and save as PDF and drag and drop in Evernote. All that works fine, it creates a JPG or PDF file. I use on step more to optimise the PDF because, at 150dpi and color it takes place on the hard drive (and sync when viewed on connected smartphones and tablets) I'm just wondering why there is no function in Evernote (without using the branded &
  2. I use this function a lot. I like to see "ALL Note", but my problem is when you are on note 247, and you want to see the newest ones, you have to click the slider and ride across all note till the newst one... Why don't EN put a "button" Home that goes at the upper of the row ???
  3. I'm one of the first user of Evernote when the app was created. The goal was "Going paperless". Today, many, many many years after the first version of Evernote, there is still no way to scan a document (without using a special scanner and the plugin from EN). On the Mac, you have to use a third party App, scan documents, and import in Evernote... 😞 It's possible to take a picture on Android and on iOS. In Apple Overview you can import from Scanner, why can't you implement this function ?
  4. Same behavior with 6.12 Beta 2.... i Have a Mac Mini Server and a MacBook Pro, whit the same problem....
  5. Still having problems with tables, (I'm using a lot). When I try to adjust the width of a table it works on one and a second, and not for the thied. .. I quit EN and start EN again, and works for one and an other... than wont work for the third... I close and.... Please fix the problem with table.
  6. I appreciate the Tables reworked... but, every table are just not at the right size wen opening a note. So I have to adjust all the table manually. I use to send the URL link of a note to customers, as they can see regardless of the software they use, and there is still a problem how a Browser (Safari, Chrome..., Mac or PC) displays the tables. In this state is unusable. Using the "adjust table to actual note" (N.B. I have the french version, I don't know exactly how it's called in English) is great, but this have no effect on the web side...
  7. I use to share the weblink to my customers. If they don't own Evernote, they can see my notes in a web browser. When creating a note within EN, on the Mac, there is no limit to the right border, so you can freely write to the right without borders. When you visualise the note in Safari or Chrome (Mac and PC) there are borders or artificial margins, and as you can see on my screen capture, words are cut and part of the text is missing on the right. The problem doesn't come from the Mac version of EN it self, but for the way it's read on the web browser. I don't understand the use of this k
  8. I'm happy, for the fix of tables spacings... Although the issue is resolved on my Mac, when the note is displayed in the online web page, when shared with my clients, the display is truncated to the right margin.
  9. Experiencing the same problems with the tables. Result, as sales rep. I can't use or share my notes proprely... This bug affect viewing notes on a web browser and on the iPad.
  10. I use the Mac to make my notes. In the Display/presentation mode, there is the way to add "spacers" to identify Cards that will displayed on the screen as a Diaporama and each time we press the "spacebar", it scroll to the next "slide". It works fine, Evernote adapting the slide to the screen. This are only tags. Wen opening the same note on the iPad, it wont work the same :-( Evernote iPad allows to use AirPlay in Display/Presentation mode, and that's great. Now, imagine : you have an iPad with a real keyboard (in my case an iPad 2 with logitech keyboard Bluetooth, and the new iPad Pro 9
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