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(Archived) Import from Backpack

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Is there any way to import pages from Backpack? I searched in these forums and didn't find anything.

Backpack can export data in its XML format, but this file does not seem to work with Evernote. I'm using the mac desktop client, but I could use any client to get this job done.

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What exactly are my HTML import options? I can't seem to import an HTML file into Evernote. It wasn't a valid file type in the import dialog. (I'm using the latest mac desktop app). I tried to simply copy and paste the text, but this makes an unusable mess of the text formatting.

In any case, Backpack doesn't export html. I can save a backpack page using Safari's "Save..." command. But I have over 150 pages, and I don't have time to do this by hand, one page at a time. Backpack provides a way to export all of your pages into a single xml file, but I can't import this to Evernote.

I really want to use Evernote, but without a import path, I'm stuck. Ideas?

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You should be able to drag the HTML files onto Evernote, but that's academic if you can't export to HTML.

Perhaps if you can print to PDF, you could import that PDF to Evernote.

XML, unfortunately, isn't really helpful by itself for exchanging data between applications. It's a lower level of compatibility, so it's "necessary but not sufficient." Saying something uses XML is a bit like saying a book uses the Latin alphabet ... that means I can recognize what all of the letters are, but not that I can read the content if it's written in Spanish.

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I tried drag and drop but got this error: Unsupported file attachment type.

I am familiar with what XML is. You describe it very similar to the way I do.

But perhaps I haven't made my point clear. The Backpack people have met you halfway, in a very generous way. In that sense, the file from Backpack is very useful. If you want to make it easy for people to move from Backpack to Evernote, you need to do the import part. Just read the file, translate from Backpack to Evernote, and everything would be brilliant! I realize this takes a little work, but Evernote stands to gain customers! Well, at least one -- me! :D I have to believe there's more.

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