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Feature request: change Context Menu "Clip to ..." to bring up options like notebook, tag, title

Rob Freundlich


If I use the Web Clipper keyboard shortcut to start the clipper, I get a popup that lets me change the title, notebook, and tags, as well as adding a remark, before I save the clip.  (It also lets me decide whether I want to clip the article, selection, etc, but that's not relevant here).  However, if I use the context menu (right-click on Windows) and select "Evernote Web Clipper -> Clip any of the choices", it immediately clips the thing I've selected, and clips it to my default notebook, with no way to change the title, notebook, or tags, or to add a remark.

Would you please consider changing this behavior to simply bring up the same options pane as the keyboard shortcut (without the "what to clip" section)?  I almost never want to clip things to my default notebook when I am doing this, and I almost always want to add tags and a title, so the immediate clip behavior is almost always incorrect.

An alternative to this would be to add "Image" to the keyboard-initiated options pane's "what to clip" section.  If this is selected, turn the cursor into a selection pointer and clip the next image I click on.  This is different from "screen shot" because with my suggested "image" choice, I wouldn't have to drag the boundaries of the image (possibly getting them wrong) - I could just click on it.

I found one similar feature request from 2012 specifically relating to clipping images this way, but I've decided to create a new one because now clipping anything via the context menu has the same deficiency.

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