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Evernote 6 for Windows / Windows Phone 7 compatiility

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I've been scouring the Evernote website for hours, trying to find somewhere that indicates whether or not Evernote 6 for Windows will have ramifications that may stop me using Evernote (client version on Windows Phone 7.8 is on my Windows Phone... one of the version 6 updates seem to imply a new database version, and I'm concerned that the database version in Evernote 5.9.9 for Windows, which works fine with the above WP7 client, may be changed to such an extent that my WP7 phone will no longer be able to sync...

Any ideas? Anyone using the above WP7 client and syncing with Evernote 6 for Windows running on Windows 7 Professional? Anyone know where there is a compatibility list on this website? Anyone know, for sure, that it WON'T be compatible?

Thanks, in advance...

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Evernote 5.x and 6.x databases are compatible and upgrading to version 6 will certainly not impact your ability to sync to WP7 or any other Evernote client.

Version 6 database engine has indeed been updated, however the updates affected performance of search and write operations while preserving full compatibility.

In fact, you can run EN5 against the database after it has been upgraded to V6. Aside from a delay during first start when the program re-indexes database tables to be compatible with the running version, you should not notice any difference.

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Thanks, kvitekp... sorry I had not done so sooner, but I didn't know there was already a reply to my query, as the Forum did not let me know (as I expected it would) there'd been a Reply!

Whatever, I have the answer I was seeking now, and as per your advice, I'll allow the EN6 Update to occur...

Once again, thanks for the detailed info!


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