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Hello folks,

I was wondering if Evernote has or will have the ability to scale text in a fashion similar to an eReader. The reason I ask is that I read a series of short stories posted in the website of my favourite franchise and I like to save them. I was saving them as PDFs but my tablet's battery is dying so it doesn't last very long at all before going flat. Thus, the most comfortable way to read them is via my phone. However, PDFs aren't suited to a small mobile screen. 

I thought I'd capture the stories into Evernote as simplified articles and read them there. However, it seems that the text doesn't scale at all - at least I can't seem to get it to do so - so it's still not a perfect solution.

Does Evernote scale text and I'm just missing something? If it doesn't will this feature ever be implemented?

Thanks in advance.

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