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Unhappy with Update - Possibility to Undo?

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Hey. I agreed to an Evernote Update on my PC (-> I do not like the new User Interface. It is small things like that the "new notes" button was moved to the left and that the title of a note is further up in the note-window. I really preferred it the old way. Is there any way to undo this update? I hope that at some point these features will change again, but until then I am perfectly fine with using the old version.




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I have to agree, I do not like the new UI either. I want the title of the note back IN THE NOTE as if it is a note card, title and body together. From my point of view, this was not an UPgrade.



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I also do not like the new interface. Also, now when I click NEW NOTE it opens in a new window??? I cant for the life of me figure out how to change this and it is frustrating.

Stop trying to "fix" things, Evernote, or I will move to Microsoft OneNote and never look back!!


EDIT: I found the setting. But why change the default in the first place? Lame.

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