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Hello. New to Evernote. I have a laptop (Win7) and an Ipad 

On my IPAD I installed Evernote and used an email address 
let's say : xxxxx@1and1.com. 

I logged onto my laptop and installed Evernote desktop. Turns out 
I had it installed once before and it had email address 1234@1and1.com. 
My thinking (right or wrong) is that I needed both platforms to have same email
because I thought that Evernote used the email address to keep platforms synced. 
When I tried to change the Evernote desktop to email xxxx@1and1.com
I get error that the email address is already in use. Well... that shoots the hell
out of my theory about how syncing works. 

Can someone tell my how Evernote connects a user across platforms?  
I certainly have gotten myself confused and several Google searches
to find out what Evernote uses to sync platforms came up with nil. 


Thanks in advance 








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Hey @Tivolijake,

In order for your Evernote account to successfully sync across multiple devices you'll need to log into the same account on each device. If you have content in both Evernote accounts and you'd like to combine them into a single account, you'll have to take all of the notes from one account and merge them into the other account.

If you don't have content in both accounts, you can simply log out of the application that has the empty account and sign back in with the account you want to continue using. Let me know how this works out, or if I'm misunderstanding your situation.

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