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(Archived) length of audio allowed

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I have a 1 hr meeting scheduled soon and it was suggested that I bring a tape recorder.

However I have the free version of Evernote installed on my (Verizon) Motorola Droid so I'm wondering if it will serve the same purpose.

Will Evernote record constantly for 1 hr, and if so, will the file size be too large for upload to the Evernote servers?

Thanks in advance for your reply.

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Does the EN recorder on your phone show a time frame? On the iPhone, it's limited to 10 minutes, as you can see from this post:


Personally, I've not had a lot of luck with the EN recorder on the iPhone (sorry to say) & prefer to use either the native iPhone recorder or a Livescribe pen for audio recording. I do store the recordings in Evernote, though. IME with Livescribe, a one hour recording should be less than the limit of 25 mb. (I have a 45 minute recording that's 6 mb.) I can't speak to other audio recording methods, but I think it depends upon the format & settings that are used for the recording, as to the final size of the file & whether it would be able to be stored in Evernote. (If you chose to do that, if you used another audio recording option.)

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Thanks for your reply.

The Droid doesn't show a time limit so I guess I'll do what I should have done in the 1st place -

I'll turn on Evernote audio and place the Droid next to a tv for an hour and see what happens.

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This may be stating the obvious, but be sure you've changed your settings so the phone doesn't turn off after x minutes & it may be a good idea to plug it into the wall or a portable/mobile charger, so it doesn't lose power.

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1 hr took about 1 gb on the Droid using Evernote. Not bad.

I tried to find the file on the phone itself but I think it must be automatically uploaded to Evernote's servers, where it can be played and forwarded on to others. I forwarded to myself and saw the file size on the attachment.

Unfortunately Although the ITouch also recorded an hour on it's native recorder, I am unable to explore the file structure so I can't tell the size of the file, nor can i easily forward it.

So bottom line... Evernote does the job!!!

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Kewl! (Although I don't know how you were able to upload a 1 gb file to Evernote...???)

My iPhone is jailbroken & I use Filezilla to ftp the voice memos from the iPhone to my PC. They are stored in /private/var/mobile/Media/Recordings. I think you have to have a jailbroken iPhone or Touch to do this, tho, since it also requires invoking ssh.

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