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I use it so often that it's hard to find pics



I LOVE Skitch! I use it all the time. I use it so often that it's hard to find the pics I want by scanning the thumbnails that don't show the whole pic.

1) I really want to be able to view a full size pic and then go to the next one without having to go back to the thumbs. I want, I want, I want!!

2) It would be nice within the thumbnails to group them by folders. E.g. 4/5 Design Review Mtg Screen Grabs. Then it would be easier to find what I'm looking for.

3) I have been using Skitch as a whiteboard. I work with a team in a different city. We have meetings via AT&T Connect. They can see my screen so I get a screen capture and then mark on top of it.

Skitch use to have a "bucket" fill with color function. I'd like to be able to block out part of what I've grabbed to quickly demo what I'm thinking. You've got a rectangle border tool. How about a solid rectangle tool... circle...

Again, I love this tool. Let's make it even better.



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Similar to Laurie, I often can't find the grab I'm looking for by looking at the thumbnails. 

I'd love:

  • A thumbnail size slider, like in the Mac Photos app, so I can see larger view of each.
  • When I enlarge the Skitch window, make the thumbnails larger, like in the Mac Finder
  • Make it possible to drag photos from the thumbnail view, rather than having to go into each one. 
  • Add thumbnail row of 3 previous, 3 next at top or bottom of full image view, so I can keep working without having to pogo-stick from thumnails to full view. 

Thank you for listening! I use Skitch many many times/day--it's terrific.


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