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  1. If you could add typed text to the Skitch 'notes', that could be used when searching to locate it again in the future. As per Vicki's request below.
  2. This was exactly what I was looking for in the feature request area to upvote. Being able to provide context and meta data for images in Evernote is key to its use. With skitch however, we are limited to using the title and tags. You can make any further notes about the image. This makes locating images much harder. I use Skitch to take screenshots of all sorts of things, and I have many, but I really struggle with finding ones I know I have taken. I have seen a similar feedback item in this forum complaining about exactly this issue and they too have many Skitch images. I have a bad feeling that the reason we are unable to add text to Skitch notes is related to how Skitch storage has been integrated into Evernote, and for Evernote to change this, would require re-engineering the whole design. I hope I am wrong. This really is a big flaw in how Skitch/Evernote work. On the Mac, I could take screen shots, give my image a filename, and use OSX tags. Skitch/Evernote provides a title and tags. The primary benefit that Evernote affords I missing with Skitch. Damo.
  3. Just wondering how this is progressing as I too would find great value in this feature. Regards, Damien.
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