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Create new tags and/or notebooks when emailing or sharing content to Evernote (Feature request)

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There should be a way to automatically create a new notebook when emailing an email into Evernote using the "@[notebook]" command.  Perhaps the command could be "!@[notebook]" to create a notebook that does not already exist.  It should also be possible to create a new tag when emailing an email in to Evernote using the "#[tag]" command.  When sharing a note to Evernote within iOS, it would be nice if there were a way not only to select the notebook it should be filed into, but also to create a new notebook, to select tags, and create new tags.  I think that most people create new folders (notebooks) in their filing systems in response to new kinds of notes that need to be stored. When a new piece of information comes along that does not fit into the existing filing system, a new notebook needs to be created.  It would be nice to be able to easily create a new notebook or tag from within a share menu, or within an email, without always needing to switch back into Evernote to do it.

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