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  1. Oh that's an interesting idea... create a link to the note on multiple calendar entries. Not sure how I would do that. Hmm... well I actually like that Evernote sends me an email every time there is a reminder about a note, because often times, email gets my attention better than a pop-up reminder on my phone that goes away as quickly as it appears. My feature request is not really for a specific platform of Evernote. It is a feature request for all platforms. I was actually using the iOS app when I had the thought that multiple reminders for a single note would be useful. Is there a place to post general feature requests for all versions of Evernote, i.e. Evernote functionality in general? I don't want to just post it on the Mac forum and leave out the windows, android, website, and iOS users. Thanks.
  2. Often, a single note will contain multiple dates that are important to remember. For example, an email message that was sent to Evernote might list several dates on which classes are going to be held for the next few months. It would be nice if it were possible to set up reminders for multiple dates without having to duplicate the note over and over again. (Currently it is only possible to set a single reminder date for each note. If one wishes to set additional dates, One must create a duplicate copy of the note for each new date that one wants to have a reminder on.)
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