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(Archived) Planning support for additional languages?

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First thank you for the great software.

I am assuming that Evernote 3.x will be killer application for a long period of time. everyday I read this forum and exciting for final release. :shock:

here I would like to know if you are planning additional language support for handwriting or picture search in final release? my native language is turkish and I didn't face any problem with text notes. but pictures with turkish text is some problematic.

I have tested picture search feature with some image samples containing turkish text but found it not stable. actually turkish alphabet is a latin standart only a few letters with punchtation. it recognizes some letters and finds the words by replacing latin equivalent letters. but in some cases it offers "C" while searching for an "S". please see the screenshot for further reference.

so "handwriting recognition" for additional languages can be difficult to implement but what about to widen "picture search" feature support for (at least) latin alphabets?

thank you again for the great job.


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