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(Archived) Rearrange order of Notebooks?




Ok another question: Is it possible to re-arrange the order of my Notebooks? They are in alphabetical order now. However since I am using my Notebooks as a Sales to Completed Job chain... example: I get a Lead, it goes into the first Notebook (usually a scan of the business card and an audit) then when I get that Lead signed the contract (a scan of it) moves that Note into the next Notebook call Contracts, when the work is done it's moved into a new Notebook and finally when I get paid it goes into the last Notebook "Complete". It would be cool if I could be moving Notes down through the Notebooks top to bottom... Oh I just had a thought... I guess I could number the Notebooks... ok Ill leave this post up in case numbering is a bad idea for some reason let me know. Or if there is a way to have Evernote free itself from locking Notebooks into alphabetical order.


Wow too much caffeine sorry!

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Yeah, you can number the notebooks, if you want them in a particular order. Another method I use is prefacing with underscore. IE, the _inbox is my default notebook, so I know all my emails to EN will be there & easily accessed from the top of the list.

I often make temporary notebooks. They are all prefaced with underscore so they are "up top." Once I'm ready to file the notes away to a permanent home in another notebook, they may or may not get tagged & then they get moved & the (now empty) temporary notebook is deleted.

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