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Improve the Highlighter



Highlighting text in Penultimate is terrible! At least it is with Apple Pencil.  The width of it varies as you draw it.  The ends of the highlighted area are slanted instead of perpendicular.

I think the software is struggling with the tilt aspect of the Pencil.  Seems to confuse it.

Honestly, highlighting on MicroSoft OneNote is awesome.  Looks great.  Penultimate looks like my kids got hold of it with crayons.

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Just to add on to this, and hopefully add some more constructive direction to the developers.

The highlighter feels like it's trying to be three features in one: a highlighter, a chisel-tip pen, and an additive paint pen. Most of my issues with the highlighter would be solved by making the chisel and additive capabilities options.

I use a highlighter for two primary reasons: 1) to highlight words, and 2) to add shade/color to illustrations (where it doesn't overwrite the other lines). In the case of the word highlighter, I want to be able to define and area with a consistent highlighting color. In the current tool, any attempt to correct or add to a highlight leads to a doubling of ink and a hard line between the new line and old -- completely defeating the function of highlighting. For shading, I do like the additive function, but would like it to be soft and subtle -- maybe adding 10% density (see Paper by FiftyThree).

As for the chisel-tip, I understand the intent to match the real-world analog, but at least have the chisel in a vertical position so you can highlight words.

I can imagine an improved highlighter pen that has both chisel and round tips and has has a soft, additive color effect. This would make me very happy.


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I'm loving Penultimate except for the highlighters. If there were options to modify the colors (primary colours are not everyone's fav) and even transparency that would be amazing. 

I feel like the current color options are really limiting, even just a couple of feminine ones or more pastel colours would make such a big difference. 

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