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  1. Umm I didn’t start the thread. But whatever.
  2. Please note, I didn’t put quotations around that comment. That was the gist of what you guys were saying. You said learn to live with it, I interpret that as you think it’s good enough. Anyway, not here to argue, I have much more important things to do. Thanks.
  3. Wow Guys, great way to make a young person enthusiastic about Evernote! I definitely think that both Penultimate and the inking abilities of the EN app are way behind the times and need to be updated. And who wants to write on paper, take a picture in scannable and throw the paper away? You guys think that's the best way? I use scannable for items that I don't have the electronic version in my possession. EN must continue to improve and evolve or it won't survive. Telling people that what we have is good enough in 2017 is an outdated mode of thinking.
  4. You desperately need to improve the Apple Pencil usage on the iPad Pro. It's ridiculous that it basically exits out of the app and then pastes your handwriting in. Plus inability to insert images, files, etc right into the note and then write on it is terrible. Please look at how OneNote works for note taking. Unfortunately I'm left with just using Evernote as a repository and OneNote as my vehicle for taking notes and marking up documents during meetings. I'll eventually have to migrate to OneNote completely if this isn't improved.
  5. It's not in the Windows Store and there has been no update. They said it was updating on the 2nd. Where is it?
  6. Highlighting text in Penultimate is terrible! At least it is with Apple Pencil. The width of it varies as you draw it. The ends of the highlighted area are slanted instead of perpendicular. I think the software is struggling with the tilt aspect of the Pencil. Seems to confuse it. Honestly, highlighting on MicroSoft OneNote is awesome. Looks great. Penultimate looks like my kids got hold of it with crayons.
  7. Wow! Finally! What an update. My Apple Pencil is working perfectly! I can't believe it!
  8. Guys, I really recommend the new Apple iPad Pro with Pencil. It actually works like pen on paper. Palm rejection is a non-issue. Unwanted marks never happen, regardless of app. I am so happy to be able to use handwriting in EN. But, as someone mentioned earlier why does it go to a new screen when you select pen? It's bizarre! In OneNote when I select Pen I can mix the typed portion with the handwritten portion, I can mark up drawings I inserted, highlight text, etc. WHY doesn't EN work like that? Surely there is a plan to make pen and typing fully integrated. Right???
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