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Searching Audio

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This is just a suggestion for possible feature development. The searching feature in Evernote are pretty good, as it will search PDF contents and I'm assuming other files, can OCR scanned contents etc.

A colleague of mine has been using the Audio recorder on his Samsung Galaxy S6 to record notes and stuff, it struck us that a huge missing feature was the ability to search through audio. It would be great if Audio notes could be scraped with some sort of voice recognition, then tags could be automatically created for common words or phases. I know this wouldn't be 100% (possibly not even 50%!) correct but it might be better than nothing. We had a look online to see if there was an existing product to do this and there didn't seem to be anything available. Maybe in the future as technology improves it effectively "OCR" and Audio file! I'm sure the NSA, CIA, MI6 already have this technology!


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I have the strange feeling I replied to this already... Groundhog Day must be upon us.

OK - It's possible (with a network connection) to use Speech To Text (STT) in Evernote to transcribe a spoken note.  You don't also get the audio though,  just the text.  Various 'smart' pens like the Jot Script can record audio while you take notes,  and will jump to the correct timecode in the audio if you select the relevant part of your notes.  Dragon Naturally Speaking is a full-feature voice recognition system with a price to match,  and it's possible to use specialised transcription agencies to convert recorded media into coherent narrative.  None of the automated systems is exactly cheap,  and most are (apart from the human agencies involved) prone to "interesting" errors.  So.  Nice idea,  and I'd like to have one in my flying car when I pick it up on Mars.  But - various alphabet agencies not withstanding - not likely to be possible in the short term and very impractical even then on grounds of cost and accuracy and the fact that 95% of Evernote's customers would have no use for it.

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