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Cannot Email Copy of a Note

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Thank you for responding  

Operating system - current ver of El Capitan

Step-By-Steps Taken

1. Selected note
2. Selected "Note" button
3. From the pull down, selected "More Share"
4. From the sub-pull-down menu selected "Email a Copy"
5. Entered the send-to address in the "To" section of the pop-up-email client 
6. Clicked on "Send" 
The Problem
The note did not get sent/delivered. 


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If you're trying today,  this might be the cause - https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/93573-maintenance-on-january-23-and-24/

If it's been happening for a while,  have you tried adding your own email address to check whether anything is being sent?  Outgoing emails go through Evernote's servers,  so you won't see any sent mail on your own system even when it works.  If mails are going out,  the recipient's email system may be flagging the unknown Evernote address as spam.  Try sending to yourself and forwarding the email from your address..

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Hmmn.  Odd.  Emails are far from immediate,  especially if there's a backlog due to the maintenance downtime,  so there is still some hope.  Meantime,  what is the domain name of your email addresses / your contacts' addresses - are you sending to AOL / Gmail or another email domain?

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Houston we may have a problem:  I sent a note (via 'send a copy') to two email addresses to which I have access.  Only the first one was delivered,  although they're both Gmail addresses.  Could it be that multiple emails is the problem?

OK stand down;  should've checked my Spam folder first.  After a bit more testing I found all 'unreceived' emails in there...  my emailing seems to be working!

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