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✔ SUGGESTion-REQUEST: ZOOMing in Note Editor


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... for future EN updates:

ZOOMing in Note Editor, will help users to read old notes with small text in 2.5K and 4K Displays.

When clipping text from a site, most of the times text is in very small sizes. So, in order to be able to easily read them, in future, you have to edit each new note in EN Note Editor and change the font size to a larger one. And what happens if you're like me, that I like tidy & well presented notes? You have to edit many parts of the note, i.e., each body text under each title, leaving titles with a larger font, etc..

Now, that I've just upgraded my displays to 4Ks, as I need them for Graphics purposes, I'm also having problems to read ALL my old notes with 10-11 points text. Sometimes, when my eyes were getting tired from reading, I even had reading issues with 9 points text at my 1080p monitor.

I don't want to, + I can't, change ALL my -more than 1.000- EN notes to a larger font.

Small text issues with Hi-DPI displays can also be solved with a setting in Tools | Options, but I think is better to give the user the freedom to zoom each note as he wishes.

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