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(Archived) Copying & Pasting from a Word Document



hi all,

since EN cannot process m$ Wordfiles (inline editing or indexing)

i wanted to copy and paste important content from a word file to a note.

from testing and reading a lot of complains here in the forum, i know, the formatting options of en aren't quite good atm, but i don't care for hypercorrect 1:1 formatting. i only should look quite similar 8-)

that would be ok for me. (atm...)

but this far away from quite similar 8-)

original word document:

i did a APPLE+A (select all) and APPLE+C (copy)


then i created a new note and did a APPLE+V (paste)


after that, inside the note, again APPLE+A (select all) and a APPLE+V (paste)

to overwrite the first mess. (but it got even worser...)


btw: if i pasted the clipboad to the mac app textedit.app, it look quite ok.


unfortunately, copying from textedit.app and pasting to en will not make it any better.

so, please tell me,

is there an better way to copy text from a word-document into a note while keeping the formatting (similar) ?

(i could print the doc into a pdf and paste the pdf into a note, but for now, i don't want to do that.)

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i'll helped myself this time, maybe others want to know how :-)

short way:

paste it into a (newly created) html formatted email and send it to you en-mail-account.



this did the job, but is -of course- painfull too, if you later want to change/edit the formatting inside the en-note.

choosing another font i.e. destroyed the whole formatting, so the note is kinda "fixed" or "stucked" in en.

anyways, formatting issue is improvable :-)

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