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(Archived) Problem with Iphone IMAP

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I just installed the new EN version 3 and setup my imap account to read all my notes on the iphone.

I have 2 imap accounts on my iphone.

One for my office email, one for the new EN account.

When I try and send out email from my office account, the email is dumped into the EN outbox instead of the office email outbox.

Obviously, the EN imap account not having an smtp setup the email can not be sent out.

On the mail section of the iphone, the sending is set as being the office email.

So what is going wrong here?

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Hi Trouty,

I am using IMAP on my iPhone and it doesn't seem to have that problem. I was not able to find a setting for the default outgoing mail on the iPhone, but I remember that it was somewhere. To work around the problem, I have my outgoing mail settings for the EN account set to the same info as my personal account - so the mail always goes out, no matter how I send it.

If I find that elusive default mail setting, I'll post here.


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You can set the default account in Settings->Mail->Default Account (Its the very last option at the bottom of the page). Tap that, and you can then choose which of your accounts should be the default.

Hope that helps,


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