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Feature request: add switch to save clean page in iOS sharing extension

Robert 🇳🇱


I would like to have a switch in the sharing extension for iOS that allows me to not only save a full web page but optionally the cleaned up version of that page instead. Just like the way you can save only the content of an article in the Mac browser extensions and not the litter (mostly ads or comments).

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Hi Robert,

Thanks for the feedback. I agree this would be helpful, but I've struggled with this one. A "clean" version of a web page is not always available to clip, and without visual feedback like the desktop has users might be caught off-guard later by clipping less than they intended. Desktops have the benefit of a large screen to see exactly what's being clipped (and when the Simplified Article format doesn't capture it). Curious if you have further thoughts on how this could work on mobile.


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I agree that without any visual feedback this would be difficult to achieve properly.

However, a solution would be to hook into some default Safari features.

For example: if I use the Reading List function I am able to see the clean article as provided by Apple. Using the Share extension from there could perhaps be possible. (Currently I can email the simplified article to my Evernote email address. But this workflow will not work for Free users.)

Another example: if I use the Workflowapp on my iPad, I can use the "Get Contents Of Url" instead of the `'Get Contens of Web Page". Web Page will get the full HTML, but of URL will only get stripped rich text.


Hope this is of help.

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Still no improvement to the extension after years. 😞

DEVONThink To Go has this covered. I can save an uncluttered formatted note or uncluttered webarchive.

And Bear app also provides an option to clip a cleaned full page to markdown.

Is this on your roadmap at all?

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