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Can You use Web Clipper with the AOL browser?

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I am introducing a friend to Evernote.  Unfortunately, he uses AOL for most things due to a need to use his AOL email account.  I have been unable to install Web Clipper into his AOL browser.  Is there any way to do so?  Thanks.

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Hi.  Is there a reason he/ you couldn't also install a modern browser especially for non-email activity? There's a reference here which suggests the AOL version is not exactly up to date - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AOL_Explorer - and since it appears not to be a market standard,  you won't be able to install an Evernote branded app.  If there's an AOL add-in 'shop' of some sort,  you might find a third-party accessory that will do something similar,  or you may be aware that you can copy and paste web page content (or complete pages) into an Evernote note.  There will also be work-arounds to avoid irrelevant coding in that you should be able to look at the simpler mobile versions of many web pages (use m. instead of www.) or a page will offer a 'print' view without design distractions,  or allow you to share the content in various ways.  

It will obviously be much easier to use Firefox or Chrome and a standard Evernote clipper to capture content (or use a different device like a tablet or phone if that won't be a frequent requirement.)

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