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Since New Evernote for Windows 5.9.6 GA the default view for EN Win desktop has become greatly expanded. More padding has been added to each icon, the white space in the left folder view (to the left) and between lines, to the tool bar, each icon, each line of text in the notes and tables and the editing tools for the note view. This all adds up to less content view and less productivity. I have to do more actions to find a shortcut/note/tag in the left panel, I can see less info in a large table, etc. When I shrink my whole EN window to show more than one line of desktop icons my left EN panel disappears. That means I can't drag and drop a desktop doc into my EN folder structure easily.

What I'd like to see is an option for a compressed view, like Gmail gives. I'd also like to see an option to make the left panel width be static (like it used to be) or dynamic.

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I endorse this, My specific issue is when a note is popped out with the only interest I have in it is to consume what is in the note, not editing it or anything else yet I am stuck with a third of the height in the window taken up with the menu ribbon and options which I have not interest in, especially when working off a lap top and you want the information in the note to assist in what you are doing in another opened program.  It would be great if there was the option to get rid of all the menus/options and just have nothing other than the note itself in the popped out window. Like a full screen inside a window. 

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