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Samsung WB250F Camera & Evernote intergration

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I came across this review of the Samsung WB250F camera on Slashgear.  It talks about how you can upload photos directly from this camera into Evernote.  When it was first released in 2013, it even offered 3 free months of premium.  Yet I can find no info about this anywhere on either the Evernote or Samsung websites, or if there is any integration anymore between the two products. 


I have an Amazon Kindle HD 7 (with Evernote, of course) and the camera on it is lousy.  I love using the Evernote Post-Its and Evernote Moleskine journals, but the camera is so lousy on the Kindle that the results are poor.  I was hoping this Samsung WB250F might work better for me, if it truly is offered with Evernote functionality. 


Can anyone chime in if they use this camera with Evernote?  Can you still get it with free premium?  How does it work with Evernote, exactly?

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Hi.  This is a user forum,  so unless someone else has one of these cameras to sell,  you're probably a lot better off talking to Samsung/ checking eBay to see whether they're still available in any way shape or form.  The Evernote extension seems to be software-related;  the camera has built-in wifi (according to reviews) so should be capable of sending pictures back to your computer,  if not to Evernote direct.  Presumably the software mod added some mojo to convert the saved image into Evernote directly.  In the absence of the software,  a picture saved to a desktop folder can easily be dragged and dropped or otherwise imported into Evernote.  I don't know of any current free subscription offers.

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I have the Samsung WB250f camera.  I mainly purchased it for the optical zoom capability and WiFi connectivity ability.  Overall, i really like this camera.  It is an older model now and you will be hard pressed to find it new.  When i did buy it came with a 3 or 6 month free subscription to Evernote, premium at the time I believe.  If you were to find a new camera with that offer inside, it probably has expired at this point.

To be honest... the evernote integration is not that good.  First, the camera has to be connected to Wifi for the Evernote feature to work.  Second, you basically are pulling existing photos from your gallery, so no shoot and post on the fly ability.  Once your photo(s) are selected, you add a title and upload.. thats it.  Any additional notes you want to add to the photo must be done via the app or computer.  Overall, its limited.   

Now if all you need is a way to quickly move photos from the camera to Evernote once you are on WiFi... this may work well for you.  However due to the limited ability with the notes, it might be easier to transfer the photos to your tablet using the Samsung app (available in Google Play, not sure about Amazon) and then once in your tablet, add them into Evernote with a better interface.

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