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Localizing our Help Center: a deep dive with Evernote's Brian Tobin

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Our very own Brian Tobin will be talking with Zendesk about how we localized our new Help Center. While recommended for anyone currently working with or interested in Zendesk, the webinar is open to anyone. Major topics will include why multi-lingual support content is important, how to set up translated support in Zendesk, and how Evernote was able to create our fully-translated Help & Learning site. 


The webinar will be this Thursday. Additional information is available here: https://www.zendesk.com/support/webinar/dynamic-content-localization/

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I just installed Evernote on my work's zendesk. 

I noticed the evernote has a function to show "related notes" upon opening the ticket. What is this "related note" search based on? 

I thought it would search at least based on the title of the notes or ticket. 

Note the ticket description/title has the organization name "Holden" 

I have a notebook named "holden".


My expectation was whenever a ticket body contains a word that the Evernote has, it will be found in the Related Notes. 

What is the correct behaviour of this function? 



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