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Feature request: Map (geolocation) for *one* notebook



Hi folks

I'm using Evernote to plan my trips/vacations by clipping web pages of accommodations and places I'd like to visit. I create a notebook for each vacation.

It would be great if Evernote gave me a possibility to display the notes inside *only* this notebook on a map. There's already a geolocation feature but it displays *all* notes (from all notebooks) on a map. that makes the feature unusable for me as most of my notes are geolocated but I only want to focus on a subset of them. That makes a lot of noise and basically all I need is a notebook filter feature for the map.

By the way, it would be very helpful if Evernote detected the physical address of the place inside the web page I'm clipping and set the geotag for me ;-)

I can think of further use cases such as having reviews/pics of the places I've been to, all gathered in a notebook, and displaying them on a map.

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