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voice recording on iphone, how to translate/convert to text

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Please help!!  I have been searching and searching for how to do this and I cannot work out if this app will help or not!  I have some voice recordings on my iphone, that are in another language, that I need to either convert to text so I can translate easier, or get translated.  Does anyone have any idea how I can do this, or where might be able to do this for me?



Very important...... and getting very frustrated!  I am not technical so I need to be told in simple terms only!

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Instead of hunting down a specialized audio to text software and then translating that (very prone to errors which necessitates a revision anyways):


Why not transcribe/ translate as you listen? Use headphones to simultaneously listen to your audio (keep your finger close to the "pause" button) on one device and use Siri dictation (iOS) or equivalent on another. I do this all the time. I dictate all the time in Portuguese, Spanish and English on iOS very effectively when I'm translating. Although you have more robust software like "Dragon Naturally Speaking" for desktop, most mobile devices now have a native dictation feature bundled in, which has most all of what you need to dictate without touching your keyboard. You can even speak out punctuation:


"All caps on exclamation mark hello": HELLO!

"To be continued dot dot dot": To be continued...

"Caps on this is a book title": This is a Book Title

"You would comma wouldn't you question mark": You would, wouldn't you?

"Open parentheses you're special close parentheses": (you're special)

"You're open quote special close quote period": You're "special".



You could also set up shortcuts for common repetitive phrases that are not easily recognized... and on occasion just type in problematic stuff. 


A tip: Voice to text speech works better if you speak at a more-or-less natural rhythm. If you speak too slowly Siri will have to go back and analyze what you've said to get the right words in context, which slows things down a tad. Homonyms and/ or "iffy" pronunciation, etc, come out right in context. 


Oh yes... and you could dictate right into an Evernote note.


You need to go to your iPhone's settings and activate whatever languages you want to appear in your microphone icon menu (for dictation). 

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