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Basic User E-Mail Accounts

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I seems that as a basic user (not paying for Evernote) that I no longer have the Evernote e-mail feature.  I discovered this after I tried to send e-mails to my account.  Where do these e-mails end up, have the address' been deactivated.  I am asking for security purposes.  I wanted to forward information into my Evernote Account, but it doesn't show?  Where did the e-mail end up?  Your timely response is greatly appreciated.  Thank you. 

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Hi.  Basic accounts had the 'email into' feature removed some time ago when the new Plus tier was announced.  For a definitive answer on where any mail goes,  please raise a support request - free users can still report lost (or potentially lost) data here - choose "report a bug..." in the first dropdown after logging in here > https://www.evernote.com/SupportLogin.action


Broadly if an email can't be delivered,  it bounces around the email system for a short time - some mail servers are set up to flatly reject emails,  others may give an error message that means the address might be available later,  so the email system will try again.  When rejected,  or after all the mail attempts have been exhausted though,  the email data is simply deleted.

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