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(Archived) Audio indexing, and even video

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I would love to see Evernote implement indexing of audio based on speech recogniation technology. I don't need access to the resulting text, but being able to add search functionality to notes would be huge.

Then you could even add video to the current iSight snapshot note, turning almost StarTrek-like "captains log" functaionlity into reality, and really adds value to voice notes taken on the iPhone.

Seems doable, could license a speech recognition engine from a company like nuance, and branch multiple possibilities off difficult to understand phrases, etc. Since it's just for searching, it wouldn't have to approach 99% accuracy. Good candidate for a premium feature, as well.

Please? :)

Keep up the great work-- I love the product and use it daily.

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Thanks for the feedback. You can do that today if you start with one of the services that do audio transcriptions, and use them to send notes into Evernote via our API or via your "incoming email address".

For example:

http://blog.evernote.com/2009/10/26/int ... ht-reqall/

http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/use-your-v ... h-dial2do/

http://lifehacker.com/373815/jott-your- ... note-bliss

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True (and I do-- I use jott.com)

I use jott for short notes, but use evernote for longer audio recordings and even meetings. I have not found a cost-effective option for transcribing these.

Would also be nice if (like onenote) there was an ability to synchronise audio/video and text notes.

Again-- great product. I love evernote, and couldn't live without it anymore!

--- JRJ

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