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I created a new note and wanted to have a link to the website.  I clicked on link and added the web address, clicked apply and waited.  However, I don't see the link in this note.  I do see the green checkmark so perhaps it is just not visible.  What do I need to do differently to make the link visible?  Note:  I have added links to my notes many many times and it seems to be a hit or miss proposition.  Why is that? I must be missing a step.


Thanks for your help.



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Hi.  How did you create your new note?  By clipping an existing web page.  or by copying and pasting from a desktop screen?  And when you added a link to the site,  were you pasting again to the note body,  or to the URL field?  And is this in the browser-based web version or an installed desktop client?

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Thanks for responding to my question.  I created the new by clicking on the new note icon.  I wanted to have a link to the website in the note so I clicked on the link icon in the tool bar and pasted the url into the field for the link.  Usually, this works for me so I am frustrated that it didn't work this time (there have been other occasions also).  I was able to get the link set up by clicking on the Note Info icon and pasting in the url address. However, I'm still wondering why creating a link with the link icon on the tool bar didn't work.  Any idea?

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