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Here we go again. :lol:

There are several threads on the use of tags vs sub-notebooks. You may want to peruse them to get a feel for how tags function as sub-notebooks. Also, I think people new to this organization method tend to initially overtag. I know I did. IME, the best way to use EN is to use descriptive titles & use keywords in the note. I even use misspellings. My standard example is if I have a note pertaining to Mike Shafer, I will include a keyword of Shaffer, in case I don't remember how his name is spelled, when I'm looking for this note. Then use tags in a similar fashion to sub-notebooks. I have a single notebook for receipts. But I can quickly pull the ones from 2004 by searching on the tag "2004" in the receipts notebook. I have one notebook for our pets. But I can quickly pull the medical records for Monty by searching on the tag "Monty."

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