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REQUEST: generating printable QR-Code out of EN-links

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Hi there...


I would very much appreciate to have automaticly generated QR-Codes out of the public links to my notes. Why this? for every storage box and every Drawer in my workshop i have a note, where the exact content ist listed. Until now, i generate the public link, shorten ist with tinyurl, generate a qr code with another tool, an print a label, which is fixed at the storage box/drawer. If i want to know the content of a box/drawer, i just have to scan the code, jump to the note  - et voilà.


Would be nice to do that in a smarter way... Create a note, create the link (together with the QR code) and have it printable in my note.


Stupid idea?




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I use Evernote in a slightly different way - where I've archived stuff like books,  not currently wanted on voyage,  I've created the note and photographed the box,  which already has a unique identifier on it.  Search for A Brief History of Time (or Stephen Hawking) and you get Box XYZ123.  Find box,  retrieve book.  no QR code required.  I can see that a code generator / scan lookup would help in your situation,  but I don't know how many other users would find that useful,  even if they use drawers and storage boxes.  I have a selection of drawers,  trays and boxes too - and although my memory is terminally bad,  it's amazing how easy it is to find stuff if you search for an item and see exactly where it's stored.  In some cases I've inventoried stuff by taking a pic of the drawer it's in and then naming everything I can see.  In some cases it means shifting a ton of junk to find the exact item that I want,  but somehow that's less hassle if I know it's there somewhere...


Anyway.  Not sure of the relevance or application here,  but its a valid feature request - we'll have to see what happens...

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