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(Archived) New Device Questions

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I am a premium user - and have been for a while. I already have a couple of fujitsu convertible tablets, and I'm a BB user (so I don't need another laptop/tablet, and I'm a HATER of AT&T/iPhone - so we are staying on the BB). What I want to know is if some of the newer devices emerging (smaller) are usable for 'ink' style notes. Specifically, I'd like to have a small (pocket-able) device - ideally WiFi and/or WWAN, that I can take handwritten notes on and edit other handwritten notes I've already taken. I'm not all that worried about other uses - and as far as tagging or sorting in folders is concerned - not that big of a deal either - as I can upload or sync and then sort and tag via a big screen. Bottom-line - I've searched the forum and web and from what I've interpreted, neither the ipod touch nor the archos 5 IT supports 'ink' or handwritten notes (directly inside evernote).

My question is simple (on the surface)... Are there any NON-PHONE devices - in a 'slate' configuration, that would fit in a coat pocket which supports the 'ink' / handwritten notes, and will allow me to edit already existing notes inside evernote?

Are there plans to support ink once the ipad is released or plans to support android with ink in non-phone platforms?



PS>>> trying to contact tech support for same reason was not an enjoyalbe event - if I need to pay more money per month - I'd gladly do it - but I would expect easier access for paying customers.

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