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Make New Note Window even better



How many times have you wanted to pop up a new note window, enter a quick note (or even a long note), and then do something else?  When you press Control-Option-Command-N you get a new blank note window.  Great!


But the main Evernote GUI also pops up.  Why?


When I write a note, 99% of the time I just write a note.  If I want to add tags, I add it right in the note.  In fact I can't think of anything I can't do right in the note.  I don't need the main GUI for any reason.  What I wind up doing is two steps:  1) Control-Option-Command-N then 2) close the Evernote GUI.  Surely this can be configurable.  I'm a big believer that just because I want it that way doesn't mean someone else doesn't have a valid reason to want it another way.  In Preferences there could be an option.


I have looked for other ways to achieve this.  Alternote is a possibility but it isn't 100% compatible with Evernote.  I love the way Day One works but its share function doesn't seem to work with Evernote.  I'm not a programmer, but something tells me it would be so easy to do this.  Evernote Helper could be another way to do it, but all you get is a dinky little window.  Maybe that's the way to do it – create an option for Evernote Helper to produce a dinky note or a regular window.


You can do it Evernote!  I have faith in you!

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