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(Archived) Notes versus notebooks display



I have numerous notes, and about 10 "notebooks". When I display thumbnails of "all notebooks" every notebook shows up in the grid, without regard to what note is assigned to what notebook. Because of the size of the thumnails it is all gibberish.

I'm a visual guy - what I'd like when I select "all notebooks" is to see the 10 or whatever number of books I have. I'd also like the option of locking a selected note as the "cover" of the notebook - for example household notes with a picture of the house on the cover, all my pet documents with a picture of the dog or cat.

That sounds pretty easy - but is it possible?

And if I get that, can I also have a "coverflow" display? I'm amazed at the Evernote capacity to store and find info, but my brain and fingers want to "flip"through the pile of notebooks and documents, and since I've seen that work with photos I've been waiting for it for everything else in my life.

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Thanks for getting back to me Dave. My problem with the list view is it is just a list of everything in that particular notebook with no context. The notebook as a metaphor works great - visually dropping things into the proper books so I can then take the right "book" off the shelf, thumb through it and find what I want when I really don't know what I want would be cool. When I'm targeted on a piece of data the search you guys have is amazing. But if I want to flip through my notebook to fire up the neurons of a thread, then get stuck with a flat list of contents my visual brain moves onto something else.

This is SO close! When I open user/library/cache/metadata I can coverview all my notes. If that, or a local storage folder were loaded in hierarchical folders so I could look at my notebooks, then open whichever i want and "page" through contents I'd be in heaven for probably almost up to a day or two.

Then I would ask you for more options, like sort each "notebook" by date, file type, tag, size, etc, etc, etc.

Do all my evernotes live in their entirety on my various computers as well as on your server? I probably should know that. If they do, can I optionally do all this stuff through the finder?

When I open "Evernote/Organization" on my iphone and go into landscape mode I'm close to what I really want. If there were a "cover page" option for each notebook so I could push and slide to the book I want, then slide through the pages of each individual book (like I can in an event under the iphone photo tab) life would be good and I would promise to leave you alone. At least for a little while.

No insult intended, but you guys are on a mac platform that can easily look great, and just doesn't. You make reams of data searchable, an amazing feat - but this can be really elegant.

I have an app on my iphone called "classics" which would be a great front door for evernote notebooks - my brain (and I assume many others) remembers the book cover, where it is on the shelf, and what is probably in it. Fuzzy logic, not precise, but often impressive. It that doesn't work we already know we can fall back on tags or the search capability you have.

Just make my notebooks look like notebooks please.

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